About Us

We drill holes and fill them with internet!

Correct Cabling was founded in 2017 and we now have a modest fleet in 2 major metro areas: St. Paul / Minneapolis MN and Madison / Milwaukee WI.

We have the proper skills and licensing to wire and install for a variety of residential and commercial low voltage services, including:

We also can handle low voltage systems including Sound Masking, Whole Home Audio, Door Access Systems and more.

Each of the Correct Cabling technicians has a background in residential and commercial telecom and can look with precision at finished structures and determine the best way to navigate them with new wiring like it was built that way. It’s no exaggeration when we say that we have cabled thousands of homes. Let us take care of your next wiring project, large or small, and it will be handled with professional expert care.

It's a dirty job
About Us: Correct Cabling

We are proud to be making the improvements you want for your home and business systems a reality.