Ethernet Installer For Home & Business

St. Paul MN – Madison WI

With Correct Cabling you’ve found the best Ethernet Installers to wire your home and business. We service the greater Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Madison, and Milwaukee areas. We are a small company with uncommon knowledge and unmatched quality. Our 5-star ratings from clients are a badge of honor reflecting our craftsmanship and customer service. We love what we do and we keep our promises. We are a licensed Low Voltage Contractor that delivers the results you need every time.

Business Ethernet Installers & Security Camera Installation

Correct Cabling has helped businesses of all sizes wire their Offices, Warehouses, and Factories with 10-Gigabit Cat6 ethernet to support their operations including network for Wireless Access Points, Workstations, VoIP Phones, Conference Rooms, Sound Masking, and Security Camera Wiring. Correct Cabling’s Ethernet Installers can make sure that your equipment and critical business systems have the network connections they need. Our hard-working team has the years of experience that will make sure it’s done once, done right, and looking good.

Safety is no joke! Our techs have OSHA approved aerial lift certifications, and we hold two Low Voltage Electrical Licenses. We will work both quickly and safely to install ethernet in your commercial or industrial space. With our Minnesota Power Limited Technician and Technology Systems Contractor Licenses, you can be sure that our work will meet code and pass inspection. In Wisconsin, these licenses aren’t required to work on up to 100V, but the knowledge and experience of our team will produce fast, reliable, and lasting results.

A common request is to wire and install security cameras that can protect your business and record incidents, offering remote viewing and playback. With our professional experience, your building will look great all while concealing the wires that make it possible. We can work with you to find the optimal camera placement, the right camera system, and enough storage capacity for your situation.

Residential – Ethernet Wiring, Security Cameras, and Audio Visual

We specialize in wiring finished homes – like electricians for ethernet.

What’s more – we bring deep knowledge of local internet service providers, network configurations and equipment, same-day drywall repair, security camera placement and configuration, audio visual and more.

We’re all ex-cable guys. The difference is that we put the wire in the walls like it was built that way.

Each of Correct Cabling’s Ethernet Installers has cabled hundreds or even thousands of homes. Let us tackle your project quickly and use our experience to make suggestions for both value and function. We are the experts when it comes to coaxial, fiber optic, speaker wire and ethernet installation. Complete our short or detailed contact form on the website or call today for a free phone estimate on your project.

  • Ethernet for Home Office, Wired Mesh Wifi, Access Points, PoE Security Cameras, Gaming and Steraming
  • Projector & TV Mounts with Power, AV, and Ethernet Cable Concealment
  • Sound Bars / Surround Sound Wiring and Installation