The growth of broadband and the increase in use of on-demand music, movies and TV have left homeowners needing to access the Internet all around their homes. While wireless is an attractive option, it does have its limitations, especially if the house has been built to current insulation regulations. Some foil faced wall-board has an adverse affect on wireless signals. The sensible solution is to install a wired data network system.

Correct Cabling provide the Data Technology Specialists, Commercial Installation of Network, Residential Installation of Network, Smart Home Automation Madison, Smart Home Automation and etc. As nothing is as reliable as a copper wire, a proper wiring infrastructure will save you money and possibly a few headaches down the road with us. A proper wiring infrastructure will save you money in the long run. Of course, it is possible with a wireless system, but latency is improved over wire, and you will get fewer problems with slow buffering. Considering the cost and obtaining a properly designed and implemented structured wiring system should be the first thing on any job's plan. The key is to adopt a methodical and structured approach to running the network cable around the home/project with Correct Cabling.

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